Teen Weight Loss – Create Healthy Habits

Obesity among teenagers is becoming a very serious problem and rapidly. Excess weight greatly diminishes the quality of life that our children lead. But this should not be viewed as an irreparable situation. Parents need to be patient with their children and walk with them the path of a healthy and efficient weight loss regime.

Social norms, advertising, fashion, movies, almost every aspect of our daily lives bombards us with information that shows a standard of beauty that many children can’t reach. This is another side of the obesity problem. Many children suffer from depression and become anti-social because they are overweight and are being bullied because of that. You should be very supportive of your kids if they are in such a situation because they might do something rash. Do not let them starve themselves or exert themselves in the gym.

Just be there and talk to them.

Teen Weight Loss Is Not a Taboo

As pointed out above, just talk to your teenager. They are probably as concerned about their weight as you are. Show them you are ready to help and support them in their decision to try and lose weight. But do not enforce your views on how weight should be lost. Rather guide them to the right decisions and help your children reach them on their own.

Talk to your teen about social norms and beauty standards. Help them understand that they are not abnormal in a gentle and sensible way. Overweight children suffer the emotional damage of social shunning which can be devastating for them.

Teen overweight

Clearly explain to your teen that trying to lose weight is a long-term commitment and it won’t happen in a few days, rather months. Quick fixes like diets and dietary supplements are only temporary solutions that can have a negative impact on your children’s physical development, as their organism is still growing and is quite sensitive towards invasive

Inspire Healthy Habits

One of the cornerstones of teen weight loss is helping your teens form healthy habits. There are several aspects you should consider:

  • Discuss the Importance of Breakfast – it is no coincidence that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If your teen learns to have a nutritious breakfast, they will start their they energized. This will prevent them from overeating during the day, as they will feel satiated and full of energy. Consider helping them to acquire a taste for high-fiber cereal, as fibers are one of the most recommended foods when one is trying to lose weight. They are also nutritious and are strongly recommended to be part of the menu for weight loss for teens.
  • Motivate Them to be Active – this does not necessarily imply structuring a training regime for your trying to lose weight teen. Suggest walks in nature and hikes. Be creative about this one and try to spark an interest in your teen. Try to find a connection between their interests and hobbies and combine them with physical activities to stimulate metabolism and assist the process of slimming down.
  • Teach Them to Follow Portions Size – overeating is one of the main reasons for gaining weight. Encourage your teen to start eating slowly so that they can learn to recognize when they are full. Teach them that it is better to eat small portions but often, instead of huge quantities once or twice a day. Make sure you have pointed out that the sugar and calories in fruit drinks and soda are bad for the program for weight loss for teens. You should encourage them to replace the so-called junk food with smart snacks like fruits and vegetables, yogurt or pudding, as well as pretzels.
  • Build Healthy Habits for Yourself – you will have to consider a different approach for yourself when you are visiting the local store. Make sure you do not buy junk food, stock up on healthy items like fruits, grains, and vegetables. Make sure there are always home cooked meals present and create the habit for you and your family to gather around the table for meals, instead of eating in front of the TV or the computer.

Healthy lifestyle habits

Teen Weight Loss Is Possible

Weight loss for teens is a state of mind – both for that of your teen and yours. Healthy habits are of the utmost importance when it comes to trying to lose weight. Do not monitor or count each bite, don’t scrutinize over who eats what and how much. Provide support and encourage healthier eating and activity habits.

To be honest, activity is even more important than having a certain kind of menu. Activity can help your teen burn calories regardless of their origin. Of course, if your teen intakes healthy calories it will be beneficial for their organism, growth, and development. But changing tastes would take more time and effort than just going to the park and taking a stroll.

Most of all, do not forget to stay positive. Do not be judgmental of your teen, always stay supportive and listen to what they have to say when the decide on trying to lose weight. Weight loss for teens is not only possible but it can also be carried out safely if you and your teen work together!