What Are Estrogen And Phytoestrogen?

Estrogen and phytoestrogen are the so-called female hormones. Probably most people have heard of them. Hormones, in turn, are small molecules that are produced by our body to control the work of each cell. They determine the overall behavior of the organism in the surrounding environment. In addition to this, it can be said that estrogen is a gender hormone, namely this type of hormones determines the gender differences between the man and the woman. Testosterone is responsible for the primary physical signs in men and estrogen in women. It is also important to note that they control our behavioral responses in our interpersonal relationships.

Maybe for many people, it will be interesting to learn that apart from the body, molecules of different types of hormones can be found in some rare herbs and plants. Estrogen, for example, is common in Thailand, thanks to the Pueraria Mirifica herb.

In this article, we will give you a little more information about estrogen and phytoestrogen, as well as about what types of products contain them. You will understand the basic function and effect of these products, most of which are typical for the cosmetic sphere.

A Few Words About Estrogen

As we have already mentioned, estrogen is the hormone responsible for the appearance of the ladies – skin, hair, nails, subcutaneous fat tissues, unique body shapes. All of these individual externalities depend on the level of estrogen in the blood, which in turn is genetically determined. It is precisely this estrogen action that targets a number of cosmetic products that are available on the market.

ZoomBust is an innovative and completely natural cream that is distinguished by its composition with the presence of Puriaria Mirifica extract. For its properties, we have already mentioned above. Thanks to the high concentration of the Thai ingredient, as well as other natural extracts such as ginseng, marigold, aloe barbendis and others, it offers powerful action.

All these ingredients make the cosmetic product extremely effective for firming, shaping, and improving the aesthetic appearance of the female bust.

Did You Know?

Pueraria Mirifica is a plant that Thai traditional medicine has been actively using for over 2000 years. According to the local population, it is “the miracle that rejuvenates women”. The reason why powerful cosmetics use the plant is in its powerful estrogen effect. It takes care of the shape of the bust and the booty, and at the same time smoothes the skin.

What is the Function of Phytoestrogen?

It is interesting to mention that the natural pharmacy offers access to various substances produced by the body but in a stronger texture. For example, some herbs are distinguished by their particularly powerful estrogenic effect. These are the so-called phytoestrogens. They are distinguished from estrogen in that their action is one hundred times stronger than the estrogen produced by the body. As we work on the appearance, we chose this form of application of phytoestrogenic, namely, through a cream for sculpting body shapes through the largest absorption organ of the human body – the skin.

That’s why products like Nano BB Shaper have over 20% phytoestrogens in their formula. The specific feature of this natural cream is a natural extract called Puerarin. It is a phytoestrogenic isoflavone that is extracted from Puriaria Myrifica and is a concentrated extract of this plant.

Thanks to their small molecules, phytoestrogens have excellent penetration even in thicker layers of the skin that serve as a natural barrier. Thus they improve the smoothness of the skin and the fat deposits volume. In addition to this, applied locally to the desired area, a product rich in phytoestrogens would have a beneficial effect on its shape and its tight appearance. That’s why the Nano BB Shaper is designed for the booty.

Use of Estrogen and Phytoestrogen in The Cosmetic Industry

The estrogenic effects of phytoestrogens that penetrate the skin enable cosmetic manufacturers to determine which problem areas to focus on. For this purpose, creators of effective solutions rely on a cocktail of natural estrogens to influence the shape of the female body without requiring more invasive procedures such as aesthetic surgery, and so on.

As a result, we have to mention that ZoomBust and Nano BB Shaper’s creators have focused on creating products with a serious cosmetic effect. The skin becomes stronger and more elastic. Phytoestrogens improve the performance of fat deposits and accumulate more volume in them. In this way, they help fight cellulite and smoothen the orange skin.

As you can see, the gender hormones have an important function for the proper functioning of the male and female body and, thanks to their properties, each of them has its own distinctive features of appearance.

In case you want to improve the way you look like focusing on your body shape, we recommend you try some of the effective and professionally created cosmetic solutions available on the market.