Go2 Antitox – Good for Former & Current Smokers!

Go2 Antitox is an anti-smoking syrup which tackles smokers’ cough and wheezing that is a result of the regular use of nicotine. The product is suitable for both current and former smokers. Its composition is entirely natural and based on active herbal extracts that have the ability to completely eliminate the negative side effects of this dependence.


Official statistics indicate that the psychological and physiological addiction to nicotine, tar, and other harmful substances, contained in cigarettes, happens after the fifth month of regular smoking. Everyone is aware the ongoing damage that tobacco can inflict but this is what bad habits often lead to, and in the case of smoking – it is very highly-addictive.

There are not many people who can quit smoking just like that. Most of those who wish to stop go through several unsuccessful attempts before they achieve favorable results.

Did You Know?

The country that is most endangered by the detrimental influence of nicotine and tar is Armenia. More than 58% of the population in active working age smokes on a daily basis. An average of 50,000 cigarettes is consumed every hour in the country with the largest population in the world – China. Economists believe that the measures taken to tackle this bad habit will give their first visible and meaningful results after 40 years.

Quitting cigarettes is difficult. Even though most nicotine addicts cannot quit cigarettes for good on their first attempt, it is a good idea to perform a prophylactic detoxification of their lungs and the body from harmful substances every six months.

The market offers countless anti-smoking solutions but most of them are not able to give the desired results. Go2 Antitox is a syrup to counter the negative effects of smoking, which is able to greatly ease the breathing process and eliminate the tobacco cough and constant wheezing.

Let’s find out more about how it works.

Expected Effects from the Regular Go2 Antitox Application

Go2 Antitox is intended for use by the so-called ‘passionate’ or chain-smokers, as well as those who are just beginning to smoke and those who want to give them up for good. Very few actually know that know that it is good to go through a full lung and body-cleansing treatment course once every 6 months!

The syrup against the tobacco cough and constant wheezing is produced in Spain and has a Quality Certificate, as well as its very own unique ID number. They can be found applied inside its product packaging.

Its completely natural formula includes herbal and plant extracts that enhance immunity, improve circulation, and make the lungs and organism completely free of harmful substances. Its use may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

How Does the Herbal Formula of the Lung-Cleansing Solution Work?

The innovative herbal formula of the product is one of its main advantages over the adversaries in the market. Its regular use does not cause undesirable side effects and negative reactions. The syrup and its components have passed a number of clinical tests and trials that confirm the positive results of its application.

We will now look at its list of active ingredients in greater detail:

  • Pine Cone Extract: Strong cleansing, antiseptic, and antibacterial action. Pine cones have a chemical formula that effectively removes tar and other harmful substances from the body.
  • Thyme Extract: This herb is widely applied in modern culinary because it is used as a spice for the seasoning of many dishes. It is also popular as the main ingredient in many different types of tea that have a profound detoxifying effect. Removes the unpleasant smokers’ cough, improves lung functionality, and makes the annoying wheezing disappear.
  • Eucalyptus Extract: This plant contains a lot of phytocides. They are a powerful purifying agent that successfully counteracts the effects of toxins and free radicals on the human body
  • Vitamin C & Honey Complex: Enhances the body’s immune system levels. Preventive effect against tar and other chemicals released by the cigarette smoke.

Clients Issue Positive Go2 Antitox Testimonials

We have already mentioned that the lung detoxification syrup has successfully passed through several different clinical trials at several prominent toxicology institutes. A number of specialists already recommend it to their patients. The predominant customer feedback on the Internet is positive. The anti-smoking solution has indeed been able to help many to purify their organism.

Recommended Use of the Nicotine Detoxification Syrup

Go2 Antitox comes with a specialized measuring spoon, which is actually the product cap. The instructions for use included in the package indicate that it should be taken three times a day before a meal. Nearly 10 ml. of the liquid is poured into a spoon and is then consumed.

Order & Delivery of the Nicotine Cough Syrup

Those wishing to order their copy of the product can do so by filling out a short form available on the official site. They should leave their current name and contact phone number. A representative of the company will contact them to specify the details of the delivery.

The anti-smoking syrup can now be taken with a promotional discount of -50% off of the original price. Anyone who wants to take advantage of it should hurry up because the available copies are limited!

Cleanse Your Body from Nicotine with Go2 Antitox Syrup!

Smoking is a habit that most of us find hard to quit. Even if we do not have the strength to stop nicotine for good, regular detoxification of the lungs and the body from tar and nicotine is always advisable. Take the Go2 Antitox anti-smoking syrup now and help your body breathe freely forever!


Go2 Antitox
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Go2 Antitox herbal detoxifying syrup’s main purpose is to successfully overcome the harmful effects of the daily intake of cigarettes. It tones, refreshes, and enhances the immunity levels, helping you remove tar and nicotine from your body. It can be used by both active smokers and those who wish to quit the bad habit, and those who are just starting out.