5 Weight-Loss Foods for the Autumn

Weight-Loss Foods for the Autumn

With the passing of the summer season and the change of the wardrobe with longer and warmer clothes, many of us seem to forget that our body care is a year-round process that should not be limited only during the summer. With the seasons turning and the cold weather some of us forget that one should always take care for themselves in order to look good. And this is a basic prerequisite for the health of the whole organism.

In the autumn, each person’s body goes through changes that should be reflected in both our diet and the degree of our physical activity. It is normal for the cold and dark weather to slow-down our activity during the day. It is important, however, to find alternative ways to maintain high tone, with regular exercise and full body movements. This is the best way to maintain our good physical shape during the autumn.

Did You Know?

With the passage of summer and the low daily temperatures, people’s body is set to seek to build up some more solid fat. In this line of thought, a number of nutritionists point out the special importance of the menu we have during the autumn period. It should be time-honored and include foods rich in vitamins, with less fat.

The inner instinct of our body urges us to eat high-calorie and nutritious food during the cold period of the year as the body should prepare for the winter. This is associated with an increased need for energy, and it is added most quickly from the food. That is why if we are in a cold room, our body needs more caloric food at the expense of the energy it uses to stay warm.

In this article, we’re aiming to provide our readers with a little more useful information about the autumn season and what you need to take into account so you can easily retain your good physical shape even during the winter. If the topic is of interest to you, read the entire study made by our team.

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What Do We Need to Remember About the Autumn?


Since each person has different and individual energy exchange, some people have the ability to eat whatever they want because their body can quickly burn the excess calories. Others, however, have to strictly monitor what and how much food they eat in order to maintain or reduce their weight.
As an unwritten rule, it has been established that those of us who regularly undergo strict diets have the greatest difficulty in reaching the desired weight. This is because their exchange processes are set to accumulate energy rather than using it.

In the autumn, many people decide to undergo some cleansing diet. They must remember, however, that they should not lose weight too quickly. Only the weight thus achieved can be maintained for a longer period of time. For example, if you lose 12 pounds in 3 months, you have to keep this weight for 1 year, ie. slimming time is multiplied by two. This is the period for which the body will get used to its new weight.

5 Weight-Loss Foods for the Autumn

Now we will share with you a short list that includes 5 of the most useful and recommended foods for the autumn period. If you eat them more often, you will have a greater chance to actively control your weight, appetite, and tone.

  • Pumpkin – This awesome autumn food is distinguished by its high beta-carotene content, which is an antioxidant. Besides, it is rich in fiber and natural sugars. Therefore, it is a perfect choice in the case that you need sweet, because it is an incredibly useful as a natural dessert.
  • Pears – this autumn fruit is another great option for proper food choices during the autumn. Pears are rich in dietary fiber and pectin. They also have the ability to soothe hunger for an extended period of time. In addition, pears purify the body and lower blood pressure by providing protection against bad cholesterol. This fruit also contains many minerals that help balance the weight.
  • Cauliflower – Cauliflower is a great vegetable for weight-loss goals. It is ideal for a garnish or as a self-catering product. Some dietitians determine the fact that cauliflower is difficult to chew as a big plus. This is because the brain sends signals to the stomach that food is expected and so the body is saturated more quickly.
  • Quinces – This fruit has a specific taste that does not suit everyone but is perfect for weight-loss. Scientifically proven that 100g of the fruit contains only 57 calories. The quince contains dietary fiber that accelerates digestion, as well as a combination of minerals and vitamins that boost immunity.
  • Celery – another incredibly useful and healthy food you can eat during the autumn. It is a low-calorie, nutritious food, rich in fiber and vitamins that strengthen the body.

These are only a few of the healthy, useful, and popular foods you can safely consume in the autumn. Combine them with different sources of protein. Drink more fluids and avoid greasy meals. This will provide the foundation for your healthy diet that will keep you in shape until next summer.

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