Supplements bimor për zgjerimin e gjirit

Një nga ankesat e zakonshme që shumica e grave kanë lidhet me madhësinë e tyre të gjirit. Disa gra kanë zemrat e madhe që ata janë të lumtur në lidhje me. But there are some women who do not have breasts that they consider big enough.

The cosmetic surgery industry is now offering procedures and treatments that can help women enlarge their breasts and get the size that they desire. But these procedures tend to be risky and costly at the same time.

This is the reason most women look for safer and cheaper means of growing their breasts. One of the best options for women who want to grow their breasts is making use of herbal supplements. Having larger breasts gives women confidence. It makes them feel good about themselves and it also makes them look attractive.

Any woman who is not happy about the size of her breasts can use herbal supplements for breast enhancement. Here’s a look at some of the most effective supplements that has been especially formulated for women who desire larger breasts.

Wild Yam

This plant offers a range of health benefits and it can be used in the effective treatment of a number of medical conditions. Në femra, the hormone oestrogen is responsible for growth of sex organs. If this hormone is present in low amounts, then it will cause growth problems.

Wild yam contains photo-oestrogens which acts as a natural enhancer of female sex organs. Supplements that make use of wild yams in its formulation are available in various forms. They are available as tea, creams and also in powder form.

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Fenugreek is a kind of herb which contains good amounts of phytoestrogens. Traditionally, the powdered form of this herb is given to breastfeeding mothers to increase the production of milk.

sot, a number of breast enhancement supplements use fenugreek as a main ingredient because it can increase flow of blood to the breasts and eventually result in larger size breasts.


This plant grows mainly in Central America and Mexico. It was used during the ancient days to cure sexual problems and diseases. The stems and leaves of this wild plant are used in medicine.

The reason why it is also effective in breast enhancement is that it increases production of sex hormones and promotes growth of breasts.


Grown widely in the Mediterranean, the seeds of this plant are used in a variety of medicines. Even oil can be extracted from the seeds and used in the treatment of pain and other medical conditions. Fennel seeds can increase sexual desires in females. It can increase production of milk in breastfeeding women.

Me e rendesishmja, it can enhance the flow of blood to the sexual regions. This is the reason fennel is widely used in herbal supplements that are formulated to help women grow their breast size.

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Dong Quai Root

One of the best herbs available for treating sexual problems in males and females is dong quai roots. The roots of this plant have been used in traditional medicine since ages. It can help with the purification of blood and ease menstrual symptoms in women.

The plant is rich in phytoestrogen and this is the reason it is effective in enhancing breast size.


This herbal plant also has been used in traditional medicine for ages. Studies have proven it to be effective in increasing sexual interest in women.

When combined with other potent herbs and ingredients, it can help women achieve bigger breasts.