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TinedolPopular statistic indicates that every fifth person in the world has suffered from a fungal infection in their lifetime. The available cures that combat with this harmful bacteria often can not achieve long-lasting results or do not work at all. Considering that spread of the infection is quick and easy, it is not surprising that such a large number of people have to seek a solution to the problem. A new anti-fungal agent, called Tindole, has already grabbed the attention of consumers. People prefer it because it is one of the few antimycotic solutions that manage to get rid of the harmful microbes.


There are three stages of fungal infection’s development. During the first one, the skin on the toes and thumbs starts to get itchy and to peel itself off, and due to the constant sweating appears unpleasant smell, as well as discomfort when walking.

The second stage of the decease is characterized by the appearance of medium-sized fungi on and under the nails as well as cracks. Sweating and the irritating itching are intensified, and all this comes with hardening of the skin.

The final third stage has the most negative effect as nails of the toes become yellowish-brown in color and fragile when touched. There are also ulcers, wounds, deep cracks between the fingers, and, in extreme cases, loss of nails.

Did You Know …?

One of the reasons for the widespread of fungi is the fact that their bacteria have the ability to survive in any environment. It is enough to visit a public swimming pool in order for many people to get infected and then to spread the virus to their loved ones and colleagues. And the lack of proper treatment is the greatest danger.

Tinedol – The Best Product to Fight Fungi!

The main advantage of the antimycotic solution is in its ingredients. They are carefully selected and taken directly from the Mother Nature. There is hardly any other product on the market that can include such a rich bouquet of natural ingredients.

The remedy for the removal of fungi from the legs and nails has successfully passed all the needed clinical trials in Western Europe as well as in the United States. Worldwide experts in infectious diseases and dermatologists have participated in them, confirming the strong and rapid positive action of the solution.

The antimycotic product can also be used as a preventative measure against the spread of unpleasant bacteria and this is one of the key effects of Tinedol. Anyone who wants to enjoy healthy and fresh feet should seriously consider trying it.

100% Natural Ingredients and Composition

We will now look at all Tinedol ingredients in more specific manner to describe their effects and action:

  • Propolis: Most people have tried drinking propolis in order to boost their immunity during the winter or after illness. It has a strong antibacterial action and stimulates metabolism of the body. It is extracted by bees and consists mainly of plant resin. Intestinal microflora stabilizes and the body becomes healthier.
  • Tea Tree Oil: It has a proven antiseptic effect. It is mainly used for disinfection and treatment of serious wounds, burns and skin irritations. Its strong antifungal action is the main reason for it to be included as a major ingredient in Tinedol.
  • Farnesol: It can literally cause sweat glands to work slower to prevent the spread of fungi to other parts of the body. It has a pleasant smell, disinfecting and drying action.
  • Climbazole: It stops the further development of the fungi and the unpleasant itching between the toes of the feet.

Curious Fact?

The tea tree leaves, which are an important part of the composition and contribute to the positive Tinedol results, owe their name to the custom of several Aboriginal tribes to chew its green parts as an alternative to drinking tea.

How to Use Tinedol?

According to the instructions for use of Tindole, this antifungal cream should be applied for 30 days in order to achieve complete destruction of the harmful micro-organisms.
The feet should be washed and dried well before application, and then a thin layer of cream should be applied on them with soft, massaging movements. It is advisable to do this before bedtime so that Tindellol cream against fungus can last all night.

Consumers will notice that only a few treatments are needed to make their heels again pink and pleasant.

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What Do People Talk About Тinedol?

Leading experts in the field of dermatology and mycology strongly recommend the use of the antifungal cream. They are delighted with its swift action and confirm its positive effect.
Thousands of regular people also have shared their positive user reports about Tindole in the Internet. It is widely used by people who practice swimming in general pools as well as those whose legs are tight in closed shoes all day long. Often women also order it for problems their husbands have.

How to Order Tinedol?

The antifungal solution can be ordered through the website of the sole licensed distributor. Customers should be careful not to get into an imitation product and always be careful about the unique identification code that is on the package of the authentic Tinedol cream.

To order the product you should fill in the online form by providing your phone number and name. Then, an employee from the company will contact you to specify the shipping address and the related details.

Anyone who wants can take advantage of the current promotion and order their antifungal cream at a promotional price, which includes a 50% discount. Customers should hurry up because this offer is limited.

Be healthy and step firmly into life without fungi, thanks to Tindole!


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Leading experts in the field of dermatology and mycology strongly recommend the use of the antifungal cream. They are delighted with its swift action and confirm its positive effect.