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Mankind has managed to survive for tens of thousands of years and has become the dominant species on our planet not only because of natural selection but also due to the wide variety of organic remedies that nature offers. Humans have relied on different herbs, roots, and plants to heal their wounds and treat their ailments in the millennia, in which medicine and technology were not very advanced.

The transition from being hunter-gatherers and nomads to having a settled society that grows its own food and looks after cattle is one of the most important steps in our development. Turmeric has a special place among the plants we have managed to cultivate. We will now take a closer look at its useful properties and features.

There is concrete evidence that turmeric was used as an active and powerful healing agent for the last 5,000 godine. Shamans practicing Ayurvedic medicine used it as a painkiller serum, an antibacterial, and antiseptic preparation, and for detoxifying the liver from harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

It has the ability to induce energy and vitality, making the person feel more vibrant. The turmeric extract is extremely rich in curcumin. It has been studied by medical specialists for decades now and its positive impact on various crucial bodily processes has long been proven.

Dali si znao?

The turmeric extract, curcumin, also has a strong antioxidant action. It successfully manages to counteract the negative influence of free radicals that cause skin dryness, premature aging, umor, weakening of the immune system, and oxidative stress.

The application of turmeric is extensive. The expressed spicy flavor makes it widely applicable in the culinary industry, making it a basic seasoning for many dishes. The meals that feature it have a warming effect on the body and speed up all vital processes.

It is often called ‘the poor man’s saffron’, which can be a bit insulting, given the many positive qualities of the plant. We will now learn some curious facts about the turmeric extract, and why we need to include it more often in our menu.

What Exactly is Turmeric Extract?

The Latin name for turmeric is Curcuma longa, and its natural habitat is in Southeast Asia but it is also grown in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and the Caribbean countries. It belongs to the ginger plant family – Zingiberaceae.

The turmeric extract can be recognized almost immediately due to its characteristic orange-yellowish coloring, which may also include shades of golden. One of its most prominent characteristics and the main reason. why it is featured in the list of ingredients of many medical remedies and culinary dishes. is the ability to relieve stress in the muscles, zglobovi, i kosti.

There are also some people who take dietary supplements that have a high concentration of turmeric extract. Its ability to enhance the immunity of the human body makes it an integral part of the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Inflammation of the intestines;
  • Gastritis;
  • Stomach acids;
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetic syndromes;
  • Scleroderma;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Different types of cancer;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;

How to Use the Curcumin Turmeric Extract?

The main applications of curcumin are twoin medicine and culinary. Recent research has shown that it can also have a positive impact on the human psyche, eliminating the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Its widespread use in Indian cuisine and its growing popularity make many people wonder what other ingredients does it combine with well. It is usually used as the main spice for curry, Vitamin B-2 ili riboflavin prenosi staničnu energiju koja ubrzava metabolizam, jaja, and various types of meat.

Given the strong positive characteristics of the turmeric extract, it is not surprising that it is also extensively applied in the different industry sectors. It is a wonderful natural colorant of various types of margarine, ulja, sir, sweet products, liqueur, ice cream, sauces, and biscuits.

People can easily recognize it in the list of ingredients by its industrial labelE100. This should not bother themit is a completely organic product and its effects are safe. Its consumption does not cause undesirable side allergies or reactions.

Which People Should Avoid Consuming or Applying Turmeric?

Any natural product with such a strong action should not be administered in excessive amounts by individuals suffering from some chronic diseases. People with a problematic bile, pregnant women, and those taking blood thinners should avoid turmeric consumption.

Turmeric Extract & Beauty Procedures

In addition to its strong antiseptic, detoxifying, and antibacterial properties, the turmeric extract is also successfully applied as a natural beauty enhancing solution. The curcumin face mask, na primjer, has the ability to clear out and eliminate any unpleasant scars, acne, rosacea, eczema, and dark circles that are present under the eyes.

Similar masks are also used in traditional Asian wedding rituals, especially in the Chinese and Indian folk rituals. Turmeric is applied on the face of the bride-to-be and left to absorb for one day. The face is then carefully washed with lukewarm water, giving the young woman a flawless and glamorous look for her special day.

That’s why the turmeric extract facial masks are so popularthey eliminate any unevennesses present and make the upper layer of the epidermis smooth and gentle again, they also have a strong moisturizing and exfoliating effect.

A quick and easy recipe for a face mask that features a turmeric root extract includes – 1 teaspoon of dried turmeric squashed in a powdery form, 1 teaspoon of honey, i 1 teaspoon of milk or yogurt. The mixture is stirred thoroughly and should have the consistency of a creamy substance.

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