NikoStop Antistress – Say ‘No’ to Nicotine!

NikoStop Antistress are brand new herbal drops to quit active smoking that were recently released on the market. The list of ingredients features only natural extracts of lavender, melissa, hawthorn, tryptophan, and a powerful Vitamin B – B1, B3, and B6 complex. The product helps to successfully overcome the so-called abstinence syndrome, restoring emotional balance, and completely detoxifying the body from harmful tar and nicotine.


Nobody recognized nicotine as a real drug up until the last two or three decades and despite the fact that scientists have long warned of the danger of systemic cigarette abuse. And while for some to smoke or not, is a matter of personal choice, there is also the problem of the ‘passive intake’ of tobacco smoke.

Some experts believe it may be more detrimental than regular cigarette consumption. The reason for this is that the lungs of smokers are used to tar and tolerate them to some extent, while those of non-smokers are not used and the negative effect is more powerful.

Did You Know?

Regular exposure to nicotine is now considered a ‘hard’ addiction. This means that quitting is as difficult as doing the same with highly-addictive narcotics. Dependence on such substances is not only physiological, it is also psychological in nature. People need to exclude this habit from their lives.

Those who wish to give up the harmful habit have the right to choose from a wide range of possible anti-smoking solutions with which this can happen. The problem is that very few of them actually work. This is the case, for example, of the nicotine patches that are still sold in the pharmacies.

NikoStop Antistress are anti-smoking drops, available in a 50 ml. tube. They were developed by toxicologists in different institutes across the EU, dedicated to the studying of different addictions. Thousands of smokers have already tested them to impressive results.

Their main advantage is that they eliminate the abstinence syndrome, which significantly reduces the withdrawal period for cigarettes. The overall emotional state also improves, as well as the attitude towards life. The feeling of fatigue and the danger of falling into depression are also diminished.

Let us take a look at the main characteristics of the product.

Expected Results & Action of NikoStop Antistress

The NikoStop Antistress herbal drops help to effectively quit the intake of tobacco and the psychological dependence on it. The product is developed in view of the latter emotional factor. This is the exact thing that the anti-smoking remedy wishes to tackle with the help of completely natural products.

They do not cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, allergies or feelings of depression and anxiety. The liquid also diminishes the physical need for smoking, purifying the body from harmful substances, bacteria, tar, and toxins. Below is a brief description of the positive effects of NikoStop Antistress anti-smoking drops:

  • Permanent Quitting of Cigarettes;
  • Eliminates the Feelings of Depression, Anxiety, Despair, and Irritability;
  • Complete Detoxification of the Organism and the Lungs from Harmful Substances & Microorganisms;
  • Improves Concentration, Memory, and Quality of Sleep;
  • Diminishes the Physiological Signs of the Abstinent Syndrome;
  • Brings Back the Good Mood & Lust for Life;
  • Full Bodily & Skin Rejuvenation;

Natural Composition of the Anti-Smoking Drops

Each of the components, included in the NikoStop Antistress herbal drops to quit active smoking, are organic extracts and derivatives. They are selected with care and attention to help every smoker say goodbye to the toxic effects of nicotine in their daily life.

Here are some basic facts about them:

  • Vitamin B1, B3 & B6 Complex: It restores good mood, improves brain activity, and normalizes all bodily processes. The complex also boosts immunity levels, speeds up the synthesis of serotonin, and harmonizes the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Melissa (Lemon Balm) Extract: It enhances memory and concentration. Strong preventive action against depressive outbursts, irritation, and emotional uncertainty. Soothes the psyche and induces a feeling of happiness.
  • Hawthorn Extract: It speeds cellular regeneration of blood vessels and strengthens their walls. Performs full body toning.
  • Lavender Essense: An important amino acid that improves the condition of the psyche and the quality of sleep.
  • Tryptophan: Helps eliminate the abstinent syndrome. Increases mood and working capacity.

Applying the Anti-Smoking Solution

The instructions for use are included in the commercial package of the anti-tobacco drops and describe in detail the recommended appliance. About 15-20 of them are dissolved in water from two to three times a day.

This is done in a comfortable time for the client. User testimonials on the Internet indicate that most customers are satisfied with the results achieved with a single course of treatment.

Order & Delivery of the Herbal Drops to Quit Smoking

Anyone can complete the short form available on the official site and order their copy of the drops for the quitting of active smoking. Customers should leave their current address and contact phone as they will contact a company representative to specify the delivery details.

The fastest clients can benefit not only from the discreet procedure but also from the current promotion and take the product with a -50% discount off of the original price. The offer is valid until the available quantities are exhausted!

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Cigarettes & Welcome a Smoke-Free Life!

Smoking hurts not only the one who practices it but also those in their closest surroundings. Bid farewell to the harmful habit so you can enjoy countless happy moments with family and friends! Take NikoStop Antistress herbal drops now!