Fly Bra - izvrsni oblika s nevidljivim Bra

Svaka žena želi imati savršeno oblikovan, čvrsto i gurnuo prema gore grudi. Ali priroda ne daje ovu priliku da svim damama. Few of them are completely satisfied with their bust. U većini slučajeva, it will either be too small, or too big and inconvenient. In both situations, finding a well-suited and comfortable bra can be a real challenge.


And we are talking about a bra from which our bust will not spill or in which it is not too loose, a bra that does not rub us in known and unknown places, and that is not simply uncomfortable. Naravno, you might find a bra that does not do all of these but it probably has a terrible back and straps that are at the expense of comfort and peek beneath every garment we put on.

The name of the revolution in the production of undergarments for ladies is Fly Bra. This is a strapless bra without a back that creates completely new rules for the industry. And urges us to don a backless dress with a deep neckline. Because, besides being devoid of additional elements that might be noticeable, there is also a firming and lifting effect that will make even the most disobedient bust look like it was cut in marble.

Fly Bra is a silicone bra that is small but extremely elastic. It will gently support your bust and will not make you feel any discomfort. This will allow you to enjoy a perfectly shaped neckline and you will not be worried that a belt or shoulder strap will come out from under your clothes.

Below you can learn more about this revolution in lingerie production.

What is the FlyBra Silicone Bra?

FlyBra is a new way of shaping and lifting the bust. This silicone strapless bra does not have a back, it sticks to the bust due to the high-quality silicone fabric it is made of and is suitable for all types of shapes and sizes.

You will no longer face challenges when choosing your underwear to match your clothes. You will be able to enjoy backless dresses, shirts with bare shoulders or with lace and transparent fabrics. You won’t have to think twice about whether an element of your bra is going to stick out from somewhere.

The used special silicone fabric does not cause unwanted side effects. You will not experience discomfort, rubbing, there will be no unwanted sweating. It’s gentle on the skin and carefully adds volume to your bust. It does not cause allergic reactions, so it is suitable for any type of skin.

How to Wear the Silicone Bra Without Straps Fly Bra?

The silicone fabric used to make the Fly Bra is elastic enough to allow the bra to fit on breasts of any shape and size. It is extremely easy to put on. When you are wearing it, its presence is almost undetectable. This gives confidence and freedom of movement. And this is the end of your worries that a strap might get detached. With Fly Bra you do not even need the shoulder straps.

It is recommended that you always place FlyBra on dry, clean skin by removing its protective coating in advance. This is necessary so that the surface of the bra does not accumulate dirt. Just attach it to your bust and tighten it according to how much you want to lift and tighten your breasts. Practically, you are able to achieve the dreamlike shape with a slight adjustment.

How to Maintain the Strapless FlyBra?

In order for your FlyBra to be always handy and not to get deformed too quickly, you need to take a little extra care of it. It may seem like an annoying task, but it’s important in order for the Fly Bra strapless silicone bra to stay longer at your service:

  1. Carefully wash each cup with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap with the protective coating removed.
  2. Wait to dry, but in no case expose it to direct sunlight.
  3. After making sure that the bra is dry, reattach the protective coating to prevent the drying and wearing out of the silicon.

As they say, handle your belongings with care and they will serve you for a long time. Fly Bra is made of high-quality natural materials and needs minimal maintenance to help you have a beautiful and pushed-up bust for a longer time. Do not refuse it because you are practically denying yourself the comfort of having a bra without a back and straps.

Order and Delivery of Fly Bra

Are you going to have an event you want to wear your backless dress too? Or maybe you are a gentleman who wants to surprise his better half with a perfectly fitting bra? Order the Fly Bra on the official site of the licensed distributor. An operator will contact you to discuss the way and place of delivery and the number of items you want to order.

Promotional Campaigns:

The strapless silicone Fly Bra is offered at a 50% discount because its creators believe that every woman has the right to feel good, confident in her figure and free to dress as she wishes. A promotional campaign is currently running and you can take the bra at a half price until the promotional quantities are over or by the end of the campaign.


Your order will arrive by courier within one working week depending on where is your location at.

Be Part of the Ladies Happy With Fly Bra

Ladies who have felt the comfort of this Fly Bra strapless silicone bra share the opinion that it is really practical and comfortable. You will find only positive feedback describing how easy it is to wear it and how pleasant and comfortable the bra is.

In terms of aesthetics, all ladies are very happy with the push-up and firming effect of the bra. It prevents from living through unpleasant stylish situations.

You can join all these happy women by ordering your Fly Brad now. With very little effort and without additional medication or surgery, you will get exquisite and lush shapes. With Fly Bra you get the desired figure and you will remove the small problems from your otherwise perfect outfits!


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